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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Coldfire was HOT

Another weekend in Austin, and no it was not a new place, but a great place. It may be a familiar setting, but there were new friends and always memories to be made. Moontower Saloon in far south known as far south Awesome, Texas.

Moontower Saloon ( is a 21 and up facility. Be prepared to show you ID's upon driving in, but the bartenders may ask as well. There is TONS of parking. There are beach volleyball courts. The indoor bar area has a pool table and some tables for seating and a couple of TVs. Outside on the covered patio there is another bar that provides service 360. There are several tables on the patio for seating and a side view of the stage that is attached to the back of the building.

Here is where it gets really cool. You step down from the patio and there is tons of room, rows of tables, fire pits, another deck area. There are some very swanky pot o potties towards the back along with some washer pits. There are some food trailers as well (cash only please). Trees, tress, and lots of big beautiful trees. There is plenty of grass to just enjoy, and when there is music, there is not really a bad spot at the Moontower.

As for music, my beautiful date and I managed to land on the Moontower during a performance of JT Coldfire. Oh My God this guy is hot. We came in during the last half of his first set. He was doing some rip roaring covers and doing some things with his guitar to make music that you have probably never seen anyone do

We settled in with some wonderful Lonestar Beers and proceeded to be knocked out of our boots. JT Coldfire was performing covers and doing them well. Doing them well is a sad understatement for the  jams JT threw down. If you are going to do covers, do them, do them well, and make them your own. And for the love of all that is good and evil in the world...DO NOT KARAOKE the damn cover song(s)!

JT Coldfire ( definitely did not. I can't even name everything he did because he did everything. Rock, Country, oldies, goodies and everything in between. But the mash-ups he did with the covers was the heart of what I call some damn fine music to entertain for the evening. It was great to hear the crowd singing along to their respective favorites, people dancing and mixing it up where there was room, and everybody appreciating the deep voice and smoking hot guitar work of JT Coldfire.

I will throw in a side note here - The entire set and whole evening was so fun, that I will make my trip there to see JT Coldfire again. I will and take friends, and make him some new fans every chance I get. BUT... I have heard the originals (lucky enough to score a CD from the kindness of JT) and that is where JT Coldfire REALLY shines. Find him on the net, seek him out on stage, wither way...covers or originals, that is one hot Coldfire you will love!


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