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Thursday, September 25, 2014

I was Keane on this

I think it has been about 10+ years since I was last at Midnight Rodeo ( in south Austin, Texas. Nothing has changed. Still has the giant dance floor, bars all over the place, pretty attentive wait staff, great drink prices and drink specials...yup...Midnight Rodeo is still there to get you country two step on.

Located just off of IH 35 in South Austin, Midnight Rodeo sports live music on a regular basis. Usually a modest to cheap cover, always good in Austin for live music. Lots of large regional and local acts filter through the doors and perform on the stage, this particular night was no different. With local up and comers the Cody Bryan Band and headliner Brian Keane (with special guest guitarist Wayne Sutton) it was a warm and fun return to the Rodeo!

Cody Bryan Band ( could be called the new kids on the block, but they have been cutting their teeth in the Austin music scene for several years now. In one form or another, the have been rocking it and kicking it in Austin. More recently, on the regional circuit from Colorado, Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, down to the third coast and out to New Mexico and Arizona. After seeing the Cody Bryan Band several times previously (check my blog history) it seems like they are always doing something fun or revealing something new. This night we were all lucky as Cody and his band dropped a new song on us, 'Small Town Noise'. This is a huge song, with a great story, a fun hook, and...well if you like to dance...go to take a swirl and a turn.

Brian Keane ( definitely had more of that Country Outlaw feel...and boy it felt good. Willy, Waylon, Hank Jr., and David Allen Coe should be damn proud. This was that fun and rowdy sound that country used to be and should feel like. Brian Keane was just having a grand time on stage with his 3 piece. I will tell you to is still amazing to hear a 3 piece put together so well, you just can't tell. With the special guest, Wayne Sutton, on guitar, this made it for an unbelievable one night only type of performance. With the dance floor filling up, and the songs rolling off his tongue, it was not hard to tell that everyone one at Midnight Rodeo had a great time with Brian Keane.

This is what I preach about in the Austin music scene ALL the time. Go out, see some live music, catch a show. You NEVER know who you are going to see or what surprises you will experience. For me on this night it was the rush of a friends debut song and also seeing a guitar legend and hero of mine onstage as well.