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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Something old, something new,

Something borrowed, something Baloo.

So I got to step foot into The Mohawk (http://mohawkaustin.comfinally.  Talk about an intimate set up, DAMN! As you walk up to the entrance the outside stage is to your left and to enter the club is to your right. The outside area is pretty cool, allowing for quite a few people to enjoy some live music. Big stage, lots of area for bodies to hang in.

Inside is where we were at this evening! When you walk in the door you have a modest size lounge area. The bar is directly in front of you, bathrooms to your left. Directly behind the bar you can see the stage through a large pass through opening. If you walk around the bar to the right you enter the inside part of the venue. The stage is to the left with the sound booth on the wall that is Red River. Again - here is a modest spot that allows for a decent crowd to enjoy the festivities on stage.

Tonight was the triple threat of MC Overlord, Michael Dillard, and Derrick Davis. This will be brief, but informative as I have written about these bands many times previously. I also posted several pics on my FB page that told the story of how much fun it was too be there. Mariza Cruz snapped some pics showing the crowd getting crazy for Derrick Davis.

MC Overlord ( was the first up. Not necessarily playing new tracks, but definitely a new set list. This set just shows the big man is still the boss man! Probably one of the most electric personalities to see live in Austin. The man can move like you wouldn't believe and conducts the band like a Maestro! The stable of musicians and talent that perform onstage with Overlord is always revolving and ever impressive. For this reason alone it is always worth catching an MC Overlord performance.


Michael Dillard ( I have been digging on the sound, voice, and talent of Michael for quite a few years now. His voice is unique and awesome and the song writing skills are astounding. Tonight was special as Michael (along with long time lead guitarist Ty Read) and the band performed all new tracks. Exciting exciting stuff! I happily quote Ms. Cruz when she described the new songs, "He sounds older and the songs and music are more mature." Watching a friend grow up and grow into their own over a few years is wonderful. Sharing those experiences with you and telling you to go see him perform live is my happiness. 


Ahhh Derrick Davis ( The most wonderful thing about Derricks performance this evening was sharing it with Ms Cruz. After bragging about his show and music, she got to see for herself, and was not disappointed. Here is a musician that uses the whole stage. Derrick moves with his music and enjoys being onstage. His grooves are infectious, his personality is enticing, and his voice is eerily familiar, but all his own. The most wonderful thing I brag about is his rendition of the Jungle Book classic 'I wanna Be Like You'. It is a crowd pleaser and a floor packer. Whether you can dance or not, it is an amazing version of a song that allows you inner child to just let loose on the dance floor. I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy this soon.