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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An introduction

My new writer is an old friend, Jay Longoria. He and I go back about 12 years. He lives a busy life, new wife, new baby (on the way at the writing of this). Jay is a guitarist and plays a mean bass as well. Where as I have no room to speak about the technical aspects of a performance, Jay can. To be more consistent, I have asked Jay to talk about the venue and the crowds reaction, but I am sure he will go places I won't, in describing a show.

So in his intro, that I am going to post, he gets all wordy and shit. As editor, I will do my dirty deeds and chop up his post appropriately.

I have a confession to make:  I don’t really get out to a lot of live shows anymore.  I know, it’s shameful, especially as a musician and former frequenter of the sprawling landscape of Austin’s live music scene.  But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed a dimming of interest in several of the things that I used to find enjoyable.  Alas, a live, heavy metal concert is but one of many casualties on that list.

This evening however, and at the insistence of my lovely wife, I suspended the gradual buildup of ennui brought on by so-called “adulthood” to get out to see one of my current favorite bands take the stage at Emo’s East ( Austin, TX on Thursday, May 1.

I approached Emo’s on East Riverside in Austin and arrived to a sight that I admit I’ve not seen in many a year--a long line of excited black-clad concert-goers winding around the side of the building.  I hurriedly parked and hastened to take my place at the back of the line, which went on much further than I’d anticipated.  Glancing at the faded, green walls of the outside, I remembered all the good times I’d had here when this building used to be the old Back Room club until that venue closed in the mid-2000’s.  It seems fitting that another pillar of Austin’s live music scene, Emo’s, chose to make this their prime location after closing their longtime stronghold downtown on 6th street. 

Jay Longoria
Edited by William Tompkins

That's enough of that for now. Please welcome Jay to Live Music In Austin and look for an expanded view of the beautiful music scene that we all know and love! Because that's why you are here!