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Friday, May 9, 2014

say Uncle

Uncle Billy's Brew & Q ( on Barton Springs road, Austin, Texas. Located right there on restaurant row. 

I have been here for beer - EXCELLENT selection of craft beers. From local breweries and farther away. I don't know if they have your typical mass produced beer here, if that is what you want...go away.

I have been here for the food - Bar B Que. Good stuff. Good Texas BBQ. The prices were very reasonable and there is not some stupid line to wait in, to sit down and eat some good food. I have done a little bit of each flavor and found none of it to be lacking. So pick your all time fav. Be brave, ask your server for a beer recommendation and enjoy the beautiful Texas brew, Que, and Sun.

Now, I can say that I have been here for the music! The KUTX ( Sunday Funday music series. I will make no bones about stopping in for the performance of one of Ms. Cruz and my own all time favorites, The Roosevelts (!

We arrived early and settled into our seats just off center stage. The sun was bearing down and Ms Cruz looked lovely in her Derby hat. Unfortunately it didn't do shit for blocking the sun.  With a little bit of a sound check, you could tell the crowd here was ready for some great music from some great guys.

The Roosevelts ARE James Mason and Jason Kloes. From the humble beginnings of one of Austin's hottest party bands to the Americana glory they are now. The band has songs that pull your heart strings. They sing of love and love lost. The hope of love gained again, and sometimes whiskey too. It is music for the whole family. Gather around, gather your friends and listen to the stories that The Roosevelts weave with their guitars and the unmistakable voice of James Mason.

It was like that, this particular afternoon. The silence was only broken by the music and applause. It is definitely music that is difficult to define. What is not difficult is the great feelings you have at a performance by The Roosevelts. It is music that is full of emotion, proof in the emotional response from Ms. Cruz throughout their performance. It is provoking, unique, and completely familiar all at once.

Not only can these guys perform, but they are genuinely nice people. They love to take the time after a performance and thank those few or many who remain to that their talent.

I will happily go see these guys any and every time I can. I want you to do this as well. Something that you can say you felt good doing.