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Thursday, March 14, 2013

SXSW 2013 edition

So it has begun. The South By Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive conference. The biggest draw and portion of this event is by far the Music conference. Although, the film is coming on strong, AND the interactive portion is HUGE when it comes to the launch of new things, i.e. Twitter and Foursquare!
I will make my way to the DT Austin area and surrounding parts to explore new venues, here tons of new music and hopefully interview some bands.
On just a small little jaunt to the downtown area for a couple of hours on 03/11/13 (for my girlfriends birthday) I did meet some new friends, Ismael ( and Tom. Hopefully I will see them around over the next few days. During a conversation last night with Ismael, we both made the observation that it is not a preponderance of social media representation and presence this year...(such as the Mashable venue) it is the camera person! I have seen folks with cameras every year and all the time, but this year everyone is breaking out the tri pods, the large camera bags, and lighting. It seems that everyone wants to capture their memory, make their mark, and show the world while they are doing it. You know what I say about that....HELL YEAH! Bring it on! All of you, them, us. This is what makes modern social media fun, exciting and great.
I did upload an intro video to my YouTube channel and to G+, so if you would like to take a moment and check it out ( . Nothing spectacular, but it is just a short intro of myself, Austin, and the SXSW event that has enveloped the city. To tell the world your story in words and video is awesome, and of course everyone dreams of fame, fortune, and maybe even a little noteriety.
Oh well, be back at ya soon with some video and words of my own, about the music and events that will unfold over the course of this week.....and maybe I will get my shot at fame.