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Sunday, March 17, 2013

SXSW Local at the Lucky Lounge

Like I said in my video post, 'there is music here all the time!' SXSW just brings the musical spotlight and the world to our doorstep. It is our duty to make it fun, worthwhile, and exciting while you are here. With the preponderance of musical venues and an outstanding live music entertainment district, that is usually not difficult. So, here I am with this blog and the impossible quantity of music to write about compacted into one short/long weekend.

"Local at the Lucky Lounge" was simply the pre -SXSW kick off party featuring a few of the best local acts that Lordship Ent ( has to offer.

The Moonshiners ( kicked things off with a set of bluesy type rock. The singer has a very distinctive, big voice that pushes through you as you listen. Wonderful and passionate story telling interwoven with a lead guitar that seems almost sublime until it is time to solo, then you had better pay close attention because the lead guitarist is 'Wow!.'

I had an opportunity to speak with the lead guitarist for a moment in between sets and learned he is self taught. He seemed genuinely surprised when I told him his sounds and styling were reminiscent of Eric Clapton. The keyboardist and guitarist are the two mainstays in the group. With rotating bass and drums keeping it fresh, you need to check them out when you get a chance. Smooth, mellow, soulful,and rocking (when they want), The Moonshiners are a good bet any night of they week you can catch them in Austin, Texas.

Jess and The Echoes ( are getting some heavy stage time here in Austin, and it is well spent. This young lady has a huge voice. Her vocals grab you by the ears and turn your head towards her. The band is wonderfully level across the stage, no overpowering ensemble here. This unit is designed to support the fabulous singer that Jess Kellner is. Jess and The Echoes has a certain something that can be felt, but is most difficult to describe. The crowd loved there stage time and pushed forward while they had the stage. I kept hearing statements of "They are great", "She is amazing!", and "I really love this band." throughout the crowd as I pushed through here and there to take some photos.

Word on the street is that starting March 25th, 2013, we may all want to watch the new season of The Voice ( Sounds special to me!

Michael Dillard ( is a little more difficult to catch here in Austin, but if you are lucky you can see one of his performances. Here is an artist whom I have seen and tracked for a few years now. He is another person with the most distinctive vocals you may ever come across. I hate to make comparisons because what I hear and you hear are not going to be the same. Let's just say that he puts so much passion into his singing you would swear his head is going to explode. This young man gives it all when he sings and that is, every bit, worth going out to catch him when a show comes up. The steady in this group is the amazing guitarist Ty Read. Here, again, is another six string talent in Austin that is subtle in the group, but his performance soars when he solos.

Like most bands in Austin, there is a rotating field of musicians that passes through the groups door, but for Michael Dillard and Ty Read, they are the core that makes this performance a pop/rock/hip hop extravaganza! What I have said about live music in Austin and will repeat again here! It is not about going to see a band live, it is about going and experiencing a performance. You never know what will happen and you will always be glad to say you were there. Tonite was no exception with a brilliant cover of Peter Gabriels 'Sledgehammer', just be happy I caught it on video for you to see here (


MC Overlord ( is he a myth or a legend. Maybe you should check out this Austin music icon for yourself. He seems to be an intimidating hulk of a man, but behind the exterior of the building that he is, lies the genius of hip/hop. MC Overlord has cool , catchy rhymes, an unbelievable live hip/hop presentation that just can not be beat, and the impressive ability to lay out the rhymes. His music is, for the most part clean and positive, but he keeps the party vibe intact with tunes like 'Bartender Keep 'em Coming' and 'I'm in here'.

As iconic as MC Overlord is, as storied as his career is, and as vast as his catalog is, I think it would be amazing to have him perform a fan scripted show. ARE YOU THERE OVEY>>>YOU READING THIS? That's right, do a contest where the fans vote on what songs they would like to hear from the long catalog that is you career. Put on that show, leave the core songs of the show in and play some fan favorites.

For those outside of Austin reading this, for those in Austin who haven't gone, an MC Overlord performance is as much a must see as the Capitol building, Lady Bird Lake, or Mt Bonnell!

here is the photo album from this show