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Saturday, November 28, 2015

To the Wormhead in you

This is more than another post, this is a heads up. If you are in a band and you are trying to move to the next level, you will want to follow me on this.

I did a blog post about The Dirty Wormz at Spinners Live a while back. I believe it was actually for Smackola of The Dirty Wormz supporting a new song and the newly produced video starring Boxing champ Roy Jones Jr. (

This post isn't about becoming a fan of The Dirty Wormz (although you should) it is about Smackola of The Dirty Wormz approaches, believes in, and sells The Dirty Wormz brand (

First about the performance. Spinners Live ( is located on the Southbound side of IH 35 as you are entering the Austin City Limits from the north. Unassuming and located in a little micro strip mall, if you don't GPS it and don't look, you will miss it. The venue contains two sides, the sports bar & grill, and the live side - for parties and live shows. The live side is pretty much a long rectangle. The bar is immediately on your left when you walk in and runs a third of the way down the wall. There is a stage immediately to your right when you walk in door that takes up the majority of the short end of the rectangle. As you look all the way down the venue, it is pretty much open with a mix of tables, chairs, and sofas spread out and along the walls. The bathrooms are located all the way to the back.

This night onstage brought 2 openers and the headliner, George Vondoom and Nubia Emmon. With Special guest, DJ Versus keep the crowd entertained, The Dirty Wormz know how to do it.

DJ Versus ( had the lights going, the video projection, and of course, the music. Once the house music switched off and went to DJ Versus, you could tell the vibe changed in Spinners Live. From everyone standing around kind of ho hum, to everyone now moving...we had waited long enough. It seemed like DJ Versus was doing the video music, as the projections looked to be the artists videos. Spinning a wide variety of tracks from old school rap to brand new cuts, everyone was getting ready. I thoroughly enjoyed the mixing and fill that DJ Versus provided. However I did have one gripe. It was also echoed by the bartender that I was hanging out with...why all the PG versions of the songs. The show was 21 and up, but it appeared the tracks were either edited or radio versions. It wasn't bad at all, it was just very weird not to hear Jay Z tell us he had 99 problems but a       ain't one. I will assume there was a reason. Otherwise i have always said, play to the crowd, play for the crowd.

George Vondoom ( was the first act up. The two guys rolled right into their set with a very interesting intro. It was attention getting for sure. The crowd looked like they were into his set and there definitely appeared to be more than a few fans in the house. If I have to criticize, I have to. With the crowd enjoying the set, it seemed off by just a little. Nothing that I saw anyone around me getting pissy about. It was a fast set and there was no bullshitting around on this.

I know there is a talent in writing and performing the music, but when you are singing, rapping, or playing over your own track, even with a live seems like a let down to me. The unfortunate truth is I know the huge amount of work it takes to put on a live production, with that, I give George Vondoom huge props.

Nubia Emmon  ( was the slam dunk moment of the night. I knew something was up when when local super producer Ter'rell Shahid ( was in the house with his beautiful wife. Nubia Emmon was a stunner with her voice and to the edge of the stage performance for the crowd. Although she sang to tracks, she definitely did it live. There was nothing to hide here. It was all voice. The crowd new it and felt it. The stunned silence the crowd stood there in was only broken by there swaying back and forth. It was a mesmerizing performance.

When I saw Ter'rell after this performance. I exclaimed with eyes wide open and jaw gaping "You knew about her?" With no words, Ter'rell simply nodded his head yes and smiled a very big smile. Son of a bitch, what a smoking hot find in Nubia Emmon. Go see her preform and wrap your head around this woman doing it with a live band...and there are only a select few players that could back this girl well!

The Dirty Wormz ( What can I say about this band that I haven't said before...probably alot. So let me make this quick. On the rare occasion, The Dirty Wormz are to appear with a full is a MUST SEE production! Like several other bands here in Austin, this group is balls out, 'Top of the Food Chain' ( Sorry for the corny ass reference, but if you haven't seen them live, you don't know and you don't get it. So you need to get it!

This performance was with the core members, Smackola, DJ Crash, and Mr. Swift. The lights, the performance, and the music. Here is where I start preaching to anyone and everyone reading this that is in a band trying to make a name for themselves. This shit was rehearsed, rehearsed, and then rehearsed again. This was not a rehash of every performance they have done for 20+ years. It was a new mix, a new set list, and just new. Take note, listen, and learn.

Here is the summary of what I mentioned in the intro. I will be doing an interview with Smackola very soon. This will be an Epic interview and will be released in several parts. The discussion will range from the state of the Austin music scene today, where we see it going, what you the fans and the players can do. We will also discuss brand and image. THIS, my friends, is what can make you. Local, national, world wide! Listen to the worm and learn.

We will start promoting this video very soon. Watch for it. Until then