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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Open letter to Moontower

Moontower Saloon ( stands on the far south edge of Austin. Located in Awesome, Texas, Moontower has become the standard to which any other outdoor venue in Austin should strive to be. Not all can accommodate the sheer amount of acreage this place has, so it would be impossible for everyone to copy the Moontowers winning recipe. They should all try though.

It is a 21 and up venue, but I think there is a money way for them to optimize that crowd slightly, other outdoor venues are doing it with success. Something there for Moontower to learn from. The parking is ridiculously plentiful. There are sand volleyball courts off in the distance, but not to far from the bar. A snazzy little outhouse to keep you close to the action...without having to walk through the crazy packed, small little farmhouse that is the indoor bar. A H U G E covered patio with an outside bar. Food trailers on the perimeter along with some horse shoe and washer pits an the far backside of the seating area for the stage and socializing. 

The stage is a small fare that is attached to the indoor bars building. Big enough for a 4 piece and a tight fit for most anything else. The seating for the crowd out from the stage allows for a small area to dance, if the music moves you, and lots of seating. With picnic benches lined up THE RIGHT WAY to allow folks on both sides of the table to socialize and watch the bands. Fire pits are scattered around with seating around them to keep warm and be social as well. A large deck springs up just off of stage left and is private from the masses, but still right there in the mix. 

In all Moontower Saloon has hit on the formula for out door music, fun, and people!

This particular musical evening was an accidental beauty. I went to see the crowd pleaser Bobby Bookout and was blown away by the phenomenal Robert Johnsons Soul!

Dear Moontower Saloon,

I am sorry that you double booked this particular evening. I know and understand that shit happens. Bobby Bookout ( is one of Austins young guns that is blowing people away with his song writing and singing ability. Nice to have someone this young be able to respect the blues this well and have a band that bad ass back him. Looking forward to his new album coming out in 2016.

Robert Johnson's Soul ( is the epitome of "WOW!" and "What the hell did I just experience?" His talent with a guitar should not be surprising looking at all. The talent that Austin has had and is still cultivating, shouldn't be surprising, but Robert Johnson is! His mix of the rock covers are electrifying and his talent to pull out that blues rock is inspiring. Can't wait to catch another set from him and his devil be damned band.

But DOUBLE BOOKED! Take it from me and make this a lesson learned...
HOORAY FOR YOU MOONTOWER SALOON! Your accidental eff up was joy to all in attendance. I know this because I listened to all around me. The old and the new.

The fans from far away and close by. Robert Johnson's Fans were thrilled to see him...and when they asked about Bobby Bookout, they stayed, appreciated, and enjoyed. They found something new. The fans of Bobby Bookout asked, "Who the hell is this?" Then they shut up and listened when Robert Johnson's Soul began to play. The found something new!

So how about it Moontower Saloon? The Moontower Music Series sounds like a bad ass deal to me. Maybe you should try this more often...except without pissing off the bands with this type of surprise. Two bands with similar styles. Split the 3 hours...(because if you ask them they will say they can do 3 hrs, they will say they want to, but give them the option of a shared bill with some other amazing talent to showcase themselves and gain a new fan that is very appealing. This is what the fans of the Austin music scene would love! And at a place where it is comfortable and easy to stay for 4 hours or more....

If you listen you can hear us lining up.