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Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Que Divertido' in any language means FUN

In a city far, far, away. In a time not that long ago, stands a small restaurant on the side of the road. Not unlike that of many other Tex-Mex food stops, El Rincon ( shines like a neon, blue stop sign for the hungry.

Ha! Way to damn dramatic. El Rincon is on Pecan St., located in Pflugerville, Texas. No, the food is not mind blowing or stunning, but it is good Tex-Mex fare. The margaritas ARE pretty damn good though. El Rincon is a somewhat small, unassuming restaurant from the outside. Inside is about the same. The nice part is an enclosed patio to your left as you walk in. Roomy enough for a band, a couple of large parties, and still have tables for couples and groups of 3 or 4 spread around the area. There is a bar to the backside of this area as well.

I had the wonderful surprise to get home early this particular evening and was told "We are going out. You are taking me on a date, and here is where we are going." Well alright Ms. Cruz! Just about an hour later we arrived - yes AN HOUR drive. Damn well better believe I was thinking 'this better be good!' Nope! The night was better than good, it was F A N T A S T I C!!! We had an order of beef nachos and started on the 'ritas, all while enjoying some really good, wide ranging music.

Son De Rey ( was camped out this particular evening from about 8 - 11pm. It was a marathon set and they played everything. From Tejano oldies, cumbia favorites, pop and rock covers, their own originals (of course), and even taking some of those covers and re tooling them into stunning pieces. Billed mainly as a latin band, the label does little justice to the wide berth of music Son de Rey can perform well.

Son de Rey is a well rounded band with male and female lead vocals. A frighteningly bad ass keyboard player that does percussion as well. Credit also goes to the guitar player who strummed through all the genres like it was no big deal (really...from 'The Killers' to 'Santana', and 'Grupo Mazz'). The rhythym section of bass and drums was just as solid and had to be to keep up.

Son de Rey kept the patio area packed. As I sat, listened, and watched, it didn't take long to realize there were very few tables available and NO ONE was leaving. I am very glad we got our little spot when we did. The music was fun and lively. The grand mix of music and genres kept the entire crowd happy. There was some crowd participation on songs. There were folks getting up and dancing (and there was no damn space so the dancing was up with the singers) to other songs. All the while the charismatic lead singer Luis, smiled and charmed his way through the entire set. Even going so far as taking song suggestions from out of the crowd. He even had a laugh when the band was called out about the number of songs they had performed by one particular band they were covering. It was wonderful fun.

For a date night I would so do this again. Another, long and fun set by Son de Rey. In a location where  the crowd stays happy and dances and sings the night away. Go see them, enjoy yourselves and we may see you there.