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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Flattfest II

I believe that I haven't had the pleasure of stopping by the One2One bar/venue since the 10th anniversary. Not because I haven't wanted to, not because there hasn't been kick ass music, and not because...just because. The beautiful thing about walking into the One2One is the pure home you feel here.

It is the great set up of the stage. The arrangement of the bar, the stage, and the seating. It is all complete. For the start of your night and your musical adventures in Austin. To spend the whole evening here enjoying hours of great music and musicians. Or simply like the way it happened for me this evening, just stopping by at the end of the night to top it off with the best Austin has to offer.

Flattfest is a hella birthday celebration for one of Austins most talented and well rounded young musicians, Kevin Flatt. But it is not just about his birthday, it is the gathering of some of the finest talent in town. Of course we don't need an excuse to have a party, but it sure helps when it is around the talent of someone like this.

He sings, plays, trumpet, guitar, and writes his music. I have been thrilled to have seen Kevin perform  as a piece to many of Austins finest bands. Doing just that, tearing shit up on trumpet with one band, doing lead guitar or rhythm for another, and singing his ass off the whole time.

This particular evening was the first time I experienced Kevin Flatt as the band leader. The front man of his band, but center of attention. He might have been center stage, but his quick to let the talent of those around him shine on and shine through. It was pretty stunning being in a crowd and a room filled with such a mind numbing amount of talent, yet they were all here to celebrate this young mans birthday. And the best thing is that humble or not, Kevin blasted through like the bright light he is. Just an amazing talent.

Pick up his CD, and keep an eye out for him around town. Though it may not be his own solo project, if you are lucky enough to see him onstage with the numerous acts he plays with, it
will be treasure enough.

MC Overlord capped off the evening after Kevin Flatt wrapped it up. It was interesting hearing Overlord moan and lament going onstage. Not because he didn't want to, but because the night and music was flowing so well it seemed like a crime to stop, reset, and start again. He did, and it was killer. With Kevin Flatt joining him onstage, the party just rolled on.

What I don't think Overlord grasped (but probably knows) is no one was really was sad the set changed. It was just an exciting change of gears. And I believe there are more people than one can count on there hands that owe much of their career to MC Overlord. So Flattfest II may have been the celebration of Kevin Flatts birthday, but it was with great pride and joy we get to see Overlord mount the stage and do his award winning performance as part of the whole gig.

MC Overlord is not only the God Father of live hip hop music in Austin, he is the instigator for some many bands and the blueprint for an exciting stage show. Much for people to learn around him all the time. Judging by the showmanship the Kevin Flatt had onstage with Overlord and on his own. It seems fitting the night ended with this performance and the many people that contributed and joined in made it a special way to end a great night.

Flattfest III is now less than a year away. Hope it comes fast. Can't wait to drop in on this one again. No doubt that Gregg and Destinee's kick ass venue One2One will remain the home for this and should be the home for much more.