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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

'Sirens' - by Hydrogen Child

Are they the literal sirens, are they the sirens in your head, or the sirens that lead one to his fate and doom?

Listen to the new song and watch the video from Hydrogen Child here - (

I had the pleasure of sitting with the band early on and through part of the interview was dropped a tasty little morsel about something upcoming called "Hydrogen Child" (after being 'hushed' by his band mates) I know see the light.

And that light is awesome. So let me put my spin on 'Sirens' by the band Hydrogen Child. I listened to the song first to get my sonic impression, then I watched the video.

'Sirens' is a fun pop - tune that has almost an 80's twist to the sound. It is catchy, sing along worthy song, and most definitely would have the entire crowd at a live show participating!
Beyond this is once again the amazing voice of lead singer Ansley Rimmer (congratulations to the former Ms. Ansley Hughes). Almost hidden by the music and the chorus tracks, but not quite. The sound of her voice is beautiful and distinct. As you listen you can hear Ansley's sly little smile come through. 
Musically it comes together and works so well. The core mix of the bass and drums is absolutely perfect. The guitar work is subtle yet quite clean and exacting for this song. If the keyboards were left out there is no doubt the sing would completely go flat. Again, as you listen you realize Hydrogen Child has something big on their hands.

As for the video. Not completely unusual for this band if you have known them in their previous incarnation. The video is a prefect introduction to the band, both stylistically and musically. Here his where the beauty of lead singer, Ansley, shines through. That wry little smile you hear in her voice grabs you as you watch and you will find yourself smiling and singing along before it is over.

Put it on repeat. Listen and enjoy. Watch it and be spellbound!