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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

He's a cowboy baby

So I had a full amazing weekend of fun at the Circuit of the Americas  ( Formula 1 is understandably one of the biggest sports in the world, outside of World Cup Soccer, for a reason. The fans are fanatical. The information they can tell you about the drivers, the cars, and the teams is mind boggling. The excitement of watching these cars blast around the world class facility that is the Circuit of the Americas is brilliant fun.

Being my third year at the F1 races I am every bit hopeful it will not be my last. Being able to take in the crowd, the excitement, and beauty of the cars is so worth the sunburn and exhaustion when it is all over. An interesting note is that on 2 separate years I have either had friends or family members go...their final thoughts were opposite to mine for the overall experience. Slightly saddening and disheartening, but happy the world crowd shows up to enjoy.

The Austin360 Amphitheater ( recently titled as one of the best venues in the United States and one of the best NEW venues in the World! How lucky we are here in Austin. If you haven't been there yet, check out the calendar of events pick a show and a time, go, and be a part of that award winning facility. For me, over the year plus that the Amphitheater has been here, I have been blessed to see all sorts of performances here.

From country to metal, I have experienced a wide variety of music at the Austin360 Amphitheater. This evening it was rock...Kid Rock to be precise. Opening his set with Devil without a cause brought the entire crowd to their feet. As it should be at most any show, stand up and show the performer the love and joy of being their for the music and the show. And a show this was!

Kid Rock ( was energetic, all over the stage, and performed the show as if there was no tomorrow. I sure hope that every person in that crowd that brought their children knew what to expect. It was, in the performers own words, Mutha fuckin KIIIDDD RROOOOCCCKKKKK! The whole performance by Kid Rock was completely exuberant. Kid Rock sang and rapped. He did country, pop, rock, and metal.

Hearing the songs on the radio is one thing. Hearing the songs live and all together is a totally different experience. What I heard I didn't expect. Kid Rock does a ton of covers. He does them well. He re works them. Kid Rock puts his lyrical spin on them, but I never noticed or realized just how many songs really aren't his. It was very surprising and some what of a let down, but the show was just that...a great show!

Kid Rock showed his flexibility as a musician by not only using his voice, but was all over the stage playing other instruments as well. He played guitar for one song, then piano, drums, and even took his turn on the 1's and 2's for a quick DJ set. It was completely as it should be for everyone, entertaining entertaining, entertaining. It really was baww wit DA baw...bad ass. Explosions, fire, and fun it was Kid Rock.

For the crowd in attendance it was just as it should be, on your feet, singing along at the top of your lungs, cheering like a freak, and having just a plain old great time...with an American Bad Ass.