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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Save for the wicked

First time to see a live music performance at Elysium ( on Red River. Unassuming outside with a cool little fenced off area out front to host the smokers and a haven away from the crowd and sound inside. Inside the front entrance it opens into a large room with the bar dead in front of you, dance floor with DJ booth and stage immediately to your left. Plenty of lounge seating scattered all around. They even have a couple of pool tables in a far off back corner.

The stage hosted the 'Hunger Pains Tour' this particular evening. With a whole list of talent that started about 8 and ran all night. All of the local MC's and rappers mounted the stage one after another early on. Celebrate the Villain, Travis T w/Candace, Nemesis the Lyricist, Syko Sickness, and then Smackola of DWZ. Most of these opening bands were rappers trying to cut their teeth any way they can. Being on the opening bill of this tour is definitely a check mark on the resume of life.

A lot of the lyrical content for each of the groups were about the same. Smokin weed, fuck the police, damn the man...horrorcore. I will tell you what was attention getting out of each of them.

Celebrate the Villain ( are a duo with some smart lyrics. Not necessarily the filth lyrics of new, but intelligent, real, and watch out for the black helicopters. The actual vocal duo was really clean and damn near flawless with the back and forth between them.

Nemesis the Lyricist ( did his thing on stage. I believe he did a song called addiction or addicted that was pretty righteous.

Travis T w/Candace ( The rhymes and the flow were about the same here BUT from the young lady on stage, it was fuckin bad ass! It was unexpected, catchy, and she was really damn smooth. Worth checking out again in my book.

SYKO Sickness was the youngest of the guys on stage. Putting down his rhymes with no fear was pretty cool. I would like to see this MC get battle worn, get his head up, and put it out for every one. Do that shit right at the front edge of the stage and call people out in the audience with your rhymes. Can't wait to see him worn, torn, ripped and ready the next time.

Smackola DWZ ( w/DJ Crash ( finished off the set of local Austin talent with a BANG BANG! Without a doubt, still the pinnacle of Austin Rapcore! The founders and originators. Your favorite rock bands rock band! Even as a solo project this man and this duo is long lasting for a reason. The lyrics, the music, the stage presence and the command of the audience! Every young rapper and MC that was in the house this night should have been standing dead center of the stage and taking notes on everything this man did and does. Don't be an ass or a fool, The DWZ is here in Austin because of a love for the city. The contracts will come and go, but for a pound of flesh, Smackola will not sell his wicked soul!

The awesome part of the 30 minute solo set this evening...the fact that it was about an hour long. When the promoter is smart enough to leave you on stage because you have the crowd going, then damn the man, keep going!

The Hunger Pains Tour officially kicked off with -
G-Mo Skee ( In what G-Mo Skee terms Filth, G-Mo commands the audience. G-Mo plays to the anger in all of us, you hate the rich, you hate the government and you "hate that f*ckin b*tch ex". Getting the audience to sing along to his chorus lines was not funny or scary, but it sure was damn freaky to see everybody so entranced by his lyricism.

G-Mo Skee even through out the challenge to have some local MC's come on stage to do a cypher. Cool and impressive for him to give up part of his stage time for this. Even better when it just creates who whole other level and element to the performance. Check out the video of the cypher here

Dirtbag Dan ( came on stage and did his thing. A surprising apparition on the stage. Rolling through his set and keeping the few hardcore fans on the floor entertained . It was as much as a private show could be, for a public touring show, as I have ever seen. Dirtbag Dan was the irreverent Damn the man persona that I expected. Clear, concise, funny, and pissed off all at the same time made for a damn good set.

Kung Fu Vampire ( blew my away. Knowing of him from the video with Smackola (Save my Wicked Soul) was my loss. My win is seeing him perform live this evening. I really didn't know what to expect, but the PURE musical part of this was complete badassery! It was a performance piece without the stage theatrics. Damn straight that I have been watching his videos and streaming his music. He made a new fan here in the ATX and I will make damn sure I bring any and all with me the next time Kung Fu Vampire performs here!

Unfortunately for me Wrekonize was not scheduled for my part of the evening as I had to bail. My bad Craig.