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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Down in the pit

More Spring Break '14 adventures with music filling the air and people every where.

Symphony Square located at the corner of 11th and Red River. along the banks of the mighty and beautiful Waller Creek. This lovely Amphitheater is small and unexpected, lying in the heart of beautiful downtown Austin, Texas. Just steps for the Capital building, and with you back to Serranos restaurant, there is always something good to eat or drink while you enjoy a show.

Supporting live local music and hosting events during SXSW is always a great place to start your daily adventures downtown.

This particular night we started out the night with some good Mexican beer and music from local superstars The Dirty Wormz ( If you have read my blog before you know that I am a huge fan and am not shy about following them. This night had some WormHeadz gathered down on Waller Creek, just across from the stage. Though there was not a tremendous crowd for the performance, as it was early, all in attendance where in for a treat. I, myself, was completely blown away by what happened next.

I have, what the Dirty Wormz call "The Viruz". The fever that you get, the shakes, the rapid heartbeat, and the ringing in the ears when you see and experience a full performance of the Dirty Wormz. I have been to SEVERAL head line shows of theirs. I have seen the lead singer, Smackola, do his solo set. This evening, it was just a little bit different and a lot more powerful.

Only having approximately 30 minutes on stage to do their thing, I was concerned about how much fun it would/could be. After bragging to my girlfriends brother Ivan about the prowess and power of the Wormz, I was a afraid of the let down. What a dumb ass am I! Once again, I was impressed, pleased, surprised, and had hella fun during this small 'Outbreak' of 'The Viruz'...and so did Ivan.

The Wormz did the unexpected and tore through their full set list in 30 minutes. With all the passion and fury they are known for, they did not fail. It was exciting seeing that they did shortened versions of their songs, the chorus lines, and still put in some musical filler to excite the small crowd in attendance.

Once again I tip my hat and use my digital pen to give proper respect to a great performance.

Our next stop was at The Dirty Dog ( for the Relapse Records Showcase. and I must say GODDAMN it feels good to be treated like a rock star. Thanks to Ben and the rest of the staff to the Dirty Dog, has been and will remain one of the 2 venues at the top of my list to just show up at and always have a good time with GREAT music. Check the web page and make it a point to stop in if you see something happening you like.

The thing to comment on is a Showcase crowd is a totally different animal than the normal crowd you would expect or see at a Death Metal show! The crowd was well dressed and polite....W E I R D!  Not knowing if Mariza or Ivan would appreciate the music, I told them I wanted to stay and check out this one band before we moved on.

Obliteration ( was the lucky band up and we were they lucky ones to experience it. Sharp, deep and clean, cutting through your soul. Obliteration was intense and had the crowds attention and everybody looking at the stage. It wasn't until 2 songs in that the lead singer introduced the band and where they were from. I then became really excited, experiencing a Black Metal band all the way from the shores of Norway. This, to me, was and is EPIC! The true brutality and dark dimensions of their music crossed over all of those borders. Obliteration not only impressed my country music loving girlfriend, but also her jazz loving brother. Damn fine stuff!

Oh Yeah! and then there was this dude. DJ'ing in the parking lot across from Mug Shots. This taken about an hour before the car accident.