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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The coolest man ON THE PLANET

Dale Watson and his Lonestars ( BAR NONE! Have you met him? Have you seen him perform live? I have, I am proud to say I have and I will go see him again and again. Just like some of my other local Austin music artist friends (whom I love dearly as friends, associates, and musical performers) Dale is worth following and talking about all the time.

I saw Dale do a set for the first annual Dia de los Muertos ( at Fiesta Gardens. Although that was awesome, there are no bones (pun intended) about his performance at The Broken Spoke ( I recently had dinner there and saw a really nice performance by Lohman's Crossing (,but this night was in the dance hall.

Here, being what I would call a typical Honky Tonk dance Hall, is where all the magic happens. The Broken Spoke dance hall is deceivingly HUGE! The dance floor is in typical fashion is long and narrow. Wide enough to make the turn in front of the stage when you are dancing, and then down the stretch. Lots and lots of seating on the left and right sides, front to back and I mean LOTS of seating. The stage is, of course, located at the opposite end of the dance floor from the entrance. So when you walk in, it is nothing but an intimidating sight to behold. A packed dance floor, with a sea of swirling bodies in full speed rotation, and a band somewhere, wayyyyy down at the end.

For Dale Watson and his Lonestars, I have no doubt they feel completely at home and comfortable rocking the house on that stage with it's SUPER, low slung ceiling. So low, in fact, that if the bass player extended the bottom of his bass, it could stand up by itself, floor to ceiling.

So Here I am with this huge crowd, taking turns two stepping with Ms Cruz and then my camera. It is a hellified site to see. The great thing is this is a performance everyone can see damn near weekly, as The Spoke is one of two places that I believe Dale would call home here in Austin.

About that performance. It is proof that Dale crosses every damn generational line and racial lines don't exist. As I stood there and had the chance to pay attention, it was proof in seeing everyone dancing with everyone. It is such a good time to be had by all in the most literal translation. I would see someone take a spin on the floor for one song and then the very next song there they are again, but with a different person. Old and young, Dale Watson and his Lonestars IS every persons good time band!