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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

For whom The Belle Sounds

Love that mid week going out to catch a show thing in Austin. It doesn't have to be the weekend to catch something great. To my point, a miserly $5 gets you some of the DAMN finest Austin has to offer in music, a live music venue, and a fantastic staff. That's right, the One 2 One on S. Lamar.
So, after missing several opportunities to hang it with an old Reagan High School compadre, it finally fell into place. Nothing like hanging out with a friend, among friends, with cold drinks, . And great music.

I have gone on about the wonderfulness of the One 2 One ( many times previously, but you can't wait to get out and see it now. Their new, very bad ass, very comfortable, and very cool furniture is in place. The art is installed on the walls (ask about pricing) and the selection of local brew and custom liquor is sweet (or spicy in the case of the habanero tequila).

First band up for the night was The Belle Sounds ( A little pop to that Americana sound, made for a wonderful surprise. Better than a happy hour, background music kind of band, The Belle Sounds requested your attention through their whole set. With a couple of catchy tunes and a bubbly, almost most make you blush, personality on the Mic, lead singer Noelle makes the band super easy to enjoy. With her lead guitarist husband just itching to rip it loose, the whole ensemble is another product and source of pride for the Austin music scene.

Oh what a joyous surprise the next band up was. I will back this up a couple of years to start this introduction. Blue Boy Inn charity event included some jaw doing talent, including Derrick Davis ( Performing a pleasant, solo, acoustic set, Mr Davis blew me away with his rendition of 'I wanna be like you' from the Disney classic 'The Jungle Book'. Check out the video here (

After spending some time on the upper east coast, we are proud to have Derrick back. With the construction of his version of a super group and a variety of me tunes, he is well on his way.
To my shock and awe, the million dollar man, Matt Slagle, was on bass. I have always said, you never know who you will see when you go out in Austin and catch that live, local, music.

Seeing Derrick Davis with a full band was just phenomenal for me. Should be an astounding performance for you to enjoy as much as it was for my compadre! Sounding more polished and finished then expected or believed by my buddy Paul, it was was nothing short of being a gold LP. The awesome personality of Derrick along with the amazing sync of the band makes this one of the new top picks of who to see in 2014.