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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

HAAM ing it up

I think there are plenty of people around town that can sing the praises of HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians). In contrast there are too many people that know Austin is the live music capital of the world, they know there is music any night of the week, but the response of "What's HAAM?" while I am wearing my HAAMbassador volunteer shirt is striking.


Trying to do my part by using the internet to get folks to visit bands when they come to Austin or locals to take one day a month to go to a venue is very hard, unfulfilling work. But the great pleasure and smiles of taking 6 co workers and meeting friends to listen to music while actively collecting donations on HAAM Benefit Day 2017 was so worth it all.

Staging ourselves at Whole Foods - Domain was fantastic. The smiles on everyone's faces, the crowds as they trickled in and out enjoying the music, and dropping donations in the boxes here and there, was electric. The great music from Shy Beast, Julieann Banks, and finally The Rubilators, while we hung out for a few hours, was exhilarating. Even as the temperature climbed ever so slightly, it just warmed the heart.

Glad we were there and part of it for 2017.

Remember, HAAM Day is everyday for our population of musicians.