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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Soul Giants

Battling it out with friends in Austin, Texas on any night, trying to figure out where to go listen to live music, is the greatest thing. I took my preferred route and Dave TV () took his. Nothing but love in watching, listening, writing about, and supporting live and local!

So off to my happy home away from home which never lets me down, The One2One Bar (). Tonight was a double feature for me. Two great local bands with whom I know the players, I know the game, but have never seen perform. BAM! Doing it right tonight.

But first quick nod of respect to The One2One. This is a GREAT venue for music located in South Austin. It is a brilliant design of a club. 4 walls, a great stage, and a bar. How about that? The thing is you don't get it unless you go experience it. This place was built for the performance! NO apologies here for short words on a great venue, I have written about this location before and will again. Look back at some of my previous posts if you really want to see the great things I have said about The One2One...otherwise read on.

The Jack Burton Trio () is fronted by Jack Burton and his beautiful wife. Jack plays the guitar and his wife does the co vocals duties, but his voice is the "WHOA". For that funky, soul, rock, type of music, Jack's James Brown-esque voice is right on the spot. His lively personality throughout the entire performance only begged for people to be dancing and having a great time. The interactions that Jack Burton has with the rest of the band and the high amount of respect he has for his bandmates just pours out into the crowd. It is a performance which overflows with excitement and enthusiasm.

Oh! "Bandmates?", you ask. There is Jack Burton and his more would be a trio. NO! This is Texas math and all you have to know is that it sounds great, it feels good, and it is fun! Quit counting members and count on a great time with The Jack Burton Trio. With residencies around town, there seems to be no reason or opportunity for you not to take of piece of this soul mans giant voice and personality home with you, weekday or weekend.

Following up to a performance like was the properly placed Curtis Lee (). The man with the silky smooth voice and the bluesy sounding soul music which just pulls at your heart, your tears, and then makes you smile. His lead guitarist, here, is the talented and every moving Ady Hernandez. This duo is pretty damn potent. Curtis Lee probably doesn't need a PA for his voice as it carries and carries and carries. Curtis Lee music is a little more on the soulful side, but it is bursting with life and pulls your feet ahead of you onto the floor.

This was another performance where the crowd couldn't stand it and danced the night away. As the music of Curtis Lee and his band ebbed and flowed, the crowed moved on his vocal directions and his interpretation of life...through music. This was a seriously powerful and moving performance. Curtis Lee, like Jack Burton, knows his band and knew the crowd. Letting the power of his performers lead the crowd through the solos only left everyone breathless enough for Curtis Lee to wrap up his performance in stellar fashion. An uptempo tune about a girl, love, and the crowd singing along.

For the city of Austin and the music scene as it stands, it is diverse and attractive. It is fun, it is multi cultural, and it is always happening. And these guys are Soul Giants for what they do, how they do it, and what you feel like when they are done.


p.s. - Thanks Cari Hutson St. Marie for supplying me with the title on this one.

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