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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sideshow Live in Austin

Cap City Comedy Club ( is located on Anderson Ln. in  N. Austin. As you walk in, the ticket counter/will-call is immediately to your left. The room opens up to a lounge area with nice seating and a bar to the right, as you step in past the ticket counter.
Immediately to your right when you are standing at the entry is a hallway that leads to the large main room. Stepping into the main room reveals seating for approx 300+. There is elevated seating both stage left and right. The stage is on the opposite wall of the entryway.

Tonight was KLBJ FM'S morning show, Dudley and Bob with Matt (, doing their podcast (The Sideshow - in front of a live audience. Although it seems like it might be odd to go to a live recording of a radio show doing a podcast for the Internet, it was fantastic! If you have your own favorite local radio show and they would do something like this, you have to go. Entertaining, raw, and unedited.

It was like going over to a friends house, have some beer and burgers and just bullshitting with each other about stuff. Tonight's show did have somewhat of a theme, with it being on the eve of Labor day weekend, it was all about shit that happened to them in school. As a fan of the Dudley and Bob with Matt morning show it was great to see them do it live. It was every bit as chaotic and irreverent that I expected and wanted. It was glorious.

I would describe to you who the players are and what their stories were, but you can go on the net and find the recording (

So the Cap City Comedy Club has a 2 item minimum which is fine for a reasonably priced app and a drink. Whether you live here or are visiting, this is not a bad stop and a great way to spend a couple of hours. Better than a movie.