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Monday, August 10, 2015

Worm'd out

A little different post here.

I just saw the new page for Austins own Dirty Wormz ( it's fantastic!


What do you want from a web page? What would you expect, need, or like to see? It's all there! Newz, productz, merch, photoz! It is simple and clean enough to navigate easily. The web page is arranged to keep you interested. I spent about 15 - 20 minutes looking at the photos and the merch.

If you are not a Worm Head (what the fans of the band and brand are called) you just might be after stopping by the web page. It also looks to only become a more exciting place to land for information on upcoming albumz and showz! Old fanz, longtime fanz, young onez and new onez, this is a proper home for all the Dirty Wormz you could want outside of the EPIC live performances.

What I hope to see in the future would be a page for fan submitted photoz. Even a page/blog from Smackola (the Dirty Wormz lead singer and your favorite rockstars rockstar) and DJ Crash. These 2 things would possibly take the page to the next interactive level. Allowing the fanz to feel like they are a bigger more integral part of the Wormz and even see into the lives and daily workings of the 2 original Wormz themselves!

Check it out, do local Austin music some respect and navigate to the page