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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Run to the Hills

Cafe that is. Located on way South Congress, Austin, Texas. Although the sign is bold as can be, the restaurant seems unassuming from the street. Whats more, is the hidden gem right out back.

When I get the chance, I will definitely go back and check out the restaurant and tell you all about it. For now, lets talk about the backside.

Out back behind the Hills Cafe (, is their beautiful courtyard and stage. Home to a very large and majestic oak, a very decent bar, and plenty of room to roam, people watch, and enjoy the musical performances. This is probably the one place which would be damn near impossible to describe. It is an outdoor venue. The stage is pushed up next to the restaurant with the large oak tree right in the middle of the yard, in front of the stage. There are some buildings to stage left and plenty of more room to hang out while a band is playing. The angles and overall shape of the place is what leaves me at a loss for words to put the picture in your mind.

The KOKE FM Free music series ( Wednesday nights is what brought me out. I have done a couple of other reviews of this free country music series, when the event was held close to where I live. It does seem to change locations annually so don't be sad if you cant make the Wednesday night drive somewhere. The KOKE FM Free music series will be near you soon enough.

I have enjoyed the Free music series for the number of acts it brings to Central Texas. Not just really great Texas Country music artists, but the opening acts are always something to behold as well. New, up and comers making their way onto the scene and carving out their niche. To take advantage of the KOKE FM music series and join them and all of your friends at Hills Cafe would not be a loss by any stretch of the imagination. The opportunity for food, music, beer, and a Texas evening. DAMN!

I will wrap this Review of both Hills Cafe, as well as my kind words about the amazing thing that KOKE FM allows us to be a part of by saying it was my great friends in the Cody Bryan Band who had me visit Hills cafe for the first time.

The Cody Bryan Band ( was the opening act this evening. They are NEVER a band to disappoint! There tunes are fresh, fun, and lively. The front man Cody Bryan has turned into a helluva performer and becoming a greater entertainer. He doesn't bore you with 'VH1 Storytellers' babbling, but he draws you in with his few words, his laugh, and his smile. The rest of the band proves to be the amazing silent partner that brings the whole thing together into one killer set. Time and Time again, I have said you need to catch these guys on they way up. Because the big stage is calling.

BTW, check out their web page in a hurry for their new EP to be released featuring the new single 'Small Town Noise'