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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's all in the presentation

He to the new, old, new, old, new,, moved again Antone's ( Can't wait for the next installment, somewhere back downtown I hear. We'll see.

I really won't spend any more time than this talking about the currently extinct Antone's.

Cheryl Murdock ( was the first up. Now Cheryl's style is DISTINCTLY different than the other 3 bands playing later in the evening, but it is cool, happy, and very good. Perfect for the early crowd, making the happy hour bunch very happy. This performance proves all that is right about the Austin music scene. Cheryl is a great song writer, her show performance was clean and fun. The backing band was more of an extension of her voice and her guitar. One of those few flawless performances that keeps your ear bent the whole time she is on stage. Like I said, all what is right about the Austin music scene. Go see something new, go see something different, go trust that you will see and hear something wonderful in Austin that is Cheryl Murdock.

And then the 3 power bands. A flash back for most, a step forward into the past for others. Canvas, Podunk and Vallejo. With special guest MC's Loris Lowe and "You have to know what you're calling for to get it, Get It?" Johnny effin Walker himself, it was A W E SO M E!!!!!

I had a great time being a social media nerd this particular evening. With some special people who unfortunately were unable to make it (CandiLand and Father Rhyme to name two), I was happily snapping pictures and posting to Facebook and Twitter. Keeping it real time for the those folks.

Canvas jumped on stage and just kicked ass. Stunning and amazing seeing the original Austin line up back together. Not sure how this was pulled off, but DAMN it was hot. The set was nowhere near long enough, but just right for any fan of the great rock music that has been birthed here in Austin..PERFECT! I assume it was really perfect for the ladies in the house that kept screaming "We Love you Julian!" (re. - Julian Mandrake -

This was the end all for me...I can die pretty damn happy now. Podunk ( stepped into the light once again and it was wonderful. All of that pure Austin rock n roll sound went right through me and my soul was alive again. Without any question or hesitation (and I smile while typing this) "Dashboard Mary" spoke to me! Glasses up in the air, hands waving, the crowd soaked up every ounce of a classic Podunk performance like it would never happen again....DAMN! that hurts to type.

Taking the stage like they are the kings of Austin rock and roll, the royalty that they are, Vallejo ( took us to school. Playing everything old and Brothers Brew new, it was pretty much breathtaking. Even being joined onstage by Austin Hip Hop legend MC Overlord ( only made it bigger and better. 3 songs in, I finally came to realize what makes Vallejo such an astounding band to see live. It is how they treat AND perform EVERY SINGLE SONG IN THEIR SET! It is magical and it is genius, play every song as if it was the finale! Simple! Brilliant! Play them all like that. The power, the energy, and the enthusiasm. I have been watching and loving these guys for close to a couple of decades now (HA! you guys are getting old - and don't look a day over 20 something) and this epiphany hit me in December of 2013.  If you haven't been, then go and feel the energy and be alive. If you have been before, then think about it and agree with me! Any way about it, just have a drink of the Brothers Brew!

I think I have to join a witness protection program and retire now that I have given away Vallejos secret to the live show!