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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a slight return

I love my musical home away from home...the One2One ( It remains at the top of my list for venue, staff, location, and of course... LIVE MUSIC! If you haven't stopped in and checked out the place, you must. Yes! It is not part of the downtown entertainment district, but this should always be your jump off point, end point, or stay and kick the whole evening with great music and talent place. If you take a moment and scan their page for all of the amazing people that are always on stage here, you will definitely make it your place as well.

I dropped in for a special, and now becoming rare, performance form Bobby Bookout ( Currently working on his second studio album and taking a moment to remember his roots, Bobby took to the stage to perform his classic set.  Songs from the first album, some beloved covers, a few very well done new covers, and teasers of his new stuff, it was a great night.

Bobby kicked jumped right into the music and plowed through the set with some neat conversation with the audience here and there. I especially liked one of the new covers Bobby did. It is always a fun show and Mr. Bookout always makes it an amazing evening. I personally was blown away by the cover of Alex Clare's 'Too Close'. Pretty powerful stuff when an artist takes someone else's track, redoes it so that you love it and have that eerie feeling that you know the song, but just cant place it. That is what Bobby did here, if you are gonna cover it, make it your own, don't scareoke that shit!

The new tracks are something altogether different also. To me it seems less of the bluesy rock tracks from the first album and more of the roots rock sound, i.e. - the track 'Home' that seems very Johnny Cash-ish. It will no doubt be another awesome album.

While all in attendance were in receipt of some classic Bobby Bookout, some scorching blues licks and amazing guitar work by the inspirational Blake Atwell ( it is to be noted that Bobby is seeking and soliciting help from us all in trying to get the second album completed. If you feel so inclined to help out and be a part of something pretty damn cool (and maybe get something special from Bobby depending on your level of monetary assistance) jump to his page and email him.