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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vows and Ashes

So if you are a Facebook friend you have already seen some pics from the show. It was Thursday 02/11/2010 and it was colder than a witches tit (I've felt one before so I know). Although there were 4 bands on the bill that night I only had the time for the first two, one of which was Vows and Ashes.

Slay the Dawn was up first with their lead vocalist playing musical seesaw (up then down), it was pretty damn good. For the metal performance that it was I still will give a nod to these youngsters with their captivating performance (yes there was a lot of squeezing of imaginary oranges - thanks J). I look forward to see how these guys progress, although I believe that greater success for them may lie in other realms, like San Antonio.

Vows and Ashes. So these guys haven't performed live in about a year (the drummer had some back issues), but here they were in all there glory. The sum of the whole was not as glorious as the parts. I absolutely loved the music, very epic and Iron Maidenish (IMHO). The bassist and lead vocalist/guitarist without a doubt made the show. I so look forward to a possible album release from these guys in 2015. Keep your ears peeled, and in the meantime if you need to make a vow that if they appear again you will take the opportunity to check these cats out.