Monday, July 1, 2019

Where is your 'Secret Room'

Just ask Luke and the Lonely ( It should be easy if you find them playing around town. Though I normally do reviews of the bands live performance so you have a heads up on what to expect from the crowd or venue, I am gonna just put some words down about Luke and the Lonely's music.

I was sent a link for their song 'My Secret Room'.

So musically it was like this...
fun, pop, flirty, nice guitar work, great vocals between Luke and Sara, and a general head nodding feel good music.

So lyrically it was like this....WHOA! Oh!My. Dang! That's funny...and of course...WHHAAATTT!!!

Although I haven't gone out to see as much live music as I have in recent months - I do still get out there, I swear - and this is the sound you want when you want a fun lively evening. The song 'My Secret Room' is so far into the truth it is hilarious. Subject matter aside, Luke and the Lonely have nailed it when it comes to that fun, jazzy, pop sound and the his and her vocals.

Look them up on FB, go to their webpage, buy the CD, and better than all, let me know when you are going to one of their shows so I can join you for the fun, great sound that is Luke and The Lonely. I promise you will never look at your smiling significant other the same way again.

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