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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Filter this

Out of the kindness and generosity of my friend Eric, I strolled into The Dirty Dog this fine evening to catch a favorite and maybe experience some new interesting sounds. BINGO! What a night it turned out to be.

The Dirty Dog ( on 6th st. not only happens to be one of my favorite little haunts to chill at, but one of my favorite places to catch any number of local and national shows. There are some TVs around to watch some sports. The bartenders are pretty damn interesting as well, so pull up a stool on a non-show night. The GM is about the most awesome, down to earth guy you could meet, just make sure you have on skates to keep up with him.  

I have described the place before. Awesome seats at the windows on the streetside that open up to let you take in the sights on 6th, or closed to keep all the badass music inside. For the adventurous type, there is a pole firmly planted in the first open area when you walk in. There is A Huge U shaped bar that allows for ample service to get you your beverage, NOW! The club then opens to another area where the stage sits facing the entrance. The back of the club and to the right of the stage is another bar that runs along the wall...and a lame ass attempt at a green room...LOL! - I'll get a dirty look for that comment next time I am in there.

This evening had a list of bands that represented from Austin, Houston, Round Rock, and of course the headliner from Cleveland. Here is the list of bands: Black Heart Saints, Resisting Vegas, Downfall 2012, Seek Irony, The Artillery, and Filter. This blog post is going to run the whole spectrum; The good, the bad ass, the shitty, and the "what the fuck where you thinking?".

Black Heart Saints (, thanks to these guys, this is how I got in. My buddy Eric was working for them this evening and was filming their set. Now I don't know if they just threw down the gauntlet and put on a fucking hella good show and performance because of that, but I don't give a shit! Just fabulous! A charismatic lead singer that sings and performs as much as he performs as a front man on stage. Playing and performing as if they were in front of a crowd of thousands, Black Heart Saints were in the wrong spot this evening. Should've been at the top of the bill right before Filter. 

The crowd of very few (I hate the opening slot for a band - especially when they turn out to be really good) enjoyed the energetic rock/metal that these guys did. The lead singer looked like a model from a muscle magazine cover, but sang like a champion (yeah! that's a nod to the forever vocals of Freddie Mercury). The lead guitarist was just as much a showman as well. I had a chance to speak with the bass player afterwards and was shocked to find out this was only their third performance live!

Sheeeeeiiiittttt! I would happily take my girlfriend to a show of theirs and don't mind telling all of you to go as well. Good stuff coming from these guys here, as far as a live show.

Resisting Vegas ( was up next. With female lead vocals running the show, this was a decidedly different sound than the rest of the bands this eve. The crowd was about the same as with the first band, still REALLY early in the evening. Not what I was expecting from the female front of a metal band. I can't say if it was nerves or what, but in my opinion she seemed to lack the 'kick you in the balls' confidence needed to front a metal outfit, dude or chick. As a whole the band was really good and seemed vaguely reminiscent of Evanescene. Don't know if that was the inspiration, but it was the feel. All an all a good performance to warm up for the headliner.

Downfall 2012 ( hails from Houston and HOLY SHIT! This was a show. A true punk 3 piece with a bassist, lead guitarist, drummer, Mohawks, and dreads. All 3 sharing the vocal duties and much more!

I had wandered to the opposite side of the venue after the previous band, but then Downfall 2012 started. With a big, huge, smile I made my way right back to the floor to catch this trio do there thing. With the bass player fiercely attacking the vocals just as hard as he was killing the bass, the guitarist trying to rip the stings off his guitar, and all the while the drummer just sat back there smiling and dropping some very heavy beats. They rolled through their set like a fire in the Black Cat. Playing originals and covers alike. Owning everything they did like a strong band should. If you didn't originally write "Baby Got Back" but you have the balls to play that at a metal show as a punk band, then own it you shall.

Then Downfall 2012 did this crazy shit that made me flash back to the high school drum line. They broke out the homemade, paint bucket, 55 gallon plastic bass drum set AND TORE SHIT UP! Synchronized and all. Could seriously be viewed as some kind of joke, but then if you are serious about what you are doing and do it well, then audience knows and has fun with you! Ending with the most bad- assery version of "Folsom Prison" I have ever heard. All they did was prove Mr. Cash was decades ahead of his time!

Seek Irony ( is rooted in a pair of brothers that hail from Tel Aviv, Israel. This was yet another twist on the rock theme that was flowing like lava throughout the evening. Although they seemed to be the standard guitar, bass, drums, lead singer, 4 man set up, they were not. It became very evident, very quickly that they were something slightly more. With that technical, industrial sound, the digital sounds and synth coming from a computer somewhere on stage, this band launched into their set.

Seek Irony seemed to have very deep and intelligent lyrics and the industrial part of their sound was very Static X (a great thing in my opinion). The crowd swelled and pushed forward at this point in the night. I savor the opportunity to check these guys out some more as the lead singer announced that they have recently relocated and made Austin their new home. Yay!

The Artillary ( was the last band up before the main event. With a full house, these guys launched into their set. I don't know if the crowd was really into these guys or just eager for Filter. The lead singer seemed like he was channeling Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon. I can't place their sound.

The depressing or aggravating thing is that these guys just didn't seem to get it. They were up on stage kinda acting like rock stars, but it was pretty bad. If I had my cordless mouse with me I would've strangled myself. I only had the thought of Filter coming up next to keep me from walking out. The vocal and antics of the lead singer is what brings me to say this. It was just bad enough overall where I am slamming the band as a whole, when I am unfairly doing this because I couldn't hear them over the sound of myself internally running my fingers on a chalkboard.

Filter ( Fucking rock star diva bullshit! I will get to that in a minute. To roaring excitement of a packed house on a Thursday night in downtown Austin, Texas on 6th St at The Dirty Dog, Filter mounted the stage. Kicking it off right with the hit song from the movie and soundtrack of SPAWN - Can't You Trip Like I do, Filter knocked everyone on their heels. They completely plowed through their set. Hitting their other big hit 'Take A Picture'.

After about 45 minutes on stage, Richard Patrick was attempting to play his guitar, with some technical difficulties. Nothing really drastic or massive, but after fiddling with his guitar and having the sound cut in and out a few times, a guitar tech appeared on stage and he handed off his guitar. AND THEN...the rock star, diva, bullshit! He picked up his pedal board and chunked it across the stage. Really you douchebag! WE, the audience, didn't really even notice, and honestly were having too much fun to give a shit, until you did that. What an ass bag!

So to wrap up the evening, Filter played the next song, hurriedly played their monster hit "Hey man, Nice Shot!" and ran off stage and out the back door to their awaiting bus. At least we didn't have to stroke any one's ego by cheering for an encore and "one more song!"

I had a nice shot, man, with Ben, the GM of The Dirty Dog, and my buddy Eric. Great evening, and memories I share here on the net with all of you in photo and words.

Special thanks to Anthony at Come and Take It Productions for a Hella good time!


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  1. Great review. Regarding Filter and their antics, the one time we attempted to see them, they were running over an hour late. We finally got tired of waiting and left. I never found out if it was due to technical difficulties or more diva-ness but it was lame, either way. It's good that you got to see them, though.